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Hello, my name is Alley Abdullah. I design and build sales funnel for your business, regardless from any industry. Feel free to reach me for any funnels query you may have. 

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Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the core function of an effective funnel, the design of your funnel is the first thing that your prospects look upon. The attention span of your prospects last not more than 10 seconds, therefore an eye-catching design is very important to grab your customer’s attention when they first land to your page.


Creating a high-converting funnel is the utmost importance in funnel designing. This determines whether you can convert your prospects to become a lead and eventually become an actual paying customer. Every elements of the funnels plays an important role in order to achieve this objective.


In order for a funnel to work at its best, one important factor which is rather under-rated revolves around the offer that you give to your customers. A product or service without an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER would be meaningless. This is because your customers will have a higher perceived value if you put forward your most irresistible offer to complement your product or service.


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